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Fate of a Jonah - Owen Daniels

From the Journal of Owen Daniels, Whale man:

I have gone from being Jonah and pariah to being asked to lead an expedition for Princess Pauline Claudine von Metternich of the Austrian Empire.  As the sole person marooned and to survive that strange place in an old whale boat with its blue glow, strange birds, feathered and dangerous lizards and tropical environment.  To think, it all started at a party infested with ghosts where I apparently made a very good impression, despite being late, on the Princess and my story of the Sea Witch was well received.  Who knew that my curse would be a blessing to the rulers of Europe and their sorcerers.  I was even invited to speak to members of the Golden Dawn and the Temple of Ra and given a noble's flat to stay in for a week in honor of the story.

Later I was invited to meet with representatives of the Theosophists, who drew my attention, and the Illuminati, who showed me a sorcerous trick with knots.  All of them were quite gracious in trying to entice me to join, although I found the Temple of Ra the most concerning with their obsession with my being a reincarnated Pharoh.  It was the Illuminati fellow who asked for a favor regarding the Russian Embassy but that is not really my story to tell other than to say that it was on that trip that I met Lady Amelia Hart of the Order of Prospero who promised me knowledge of their magic called the Steerman's Compass if I joined.  While I liked the Theosophists, this was a lot less dreamy than their approach and I ultimately joined and learned the secrets of the Compass and tied them to the smattering I already knew.

We returned from that trip to find out that the Steamlords were mounting an expedition to "Daniels' Island" and that the Austrians wanted us to beat them there.  This became a whirlwind of charts, planning and supplies which, as a good whale man, I understood well.  I was to be First Mate again on whatever ship we chose!  Our opposition was to sail aboard the two masted brig, the SV Flambeau with a crew including my old captain of the Clark, Richard Florence.  He was insulting my reputation a great deal.

Ellena attempted to sabotage the Flambeau but was blocked by other fey.  We were still selecting a ship when the Flambeau was due to set sail and so I stood on a high porch and called the curse of False Bearing upon them to slow them down.  Sadly, I believe it worked but was struck by a bolt of lightning and hurt in the process.  Sorcery is clearly complicated.  Lady Hart found me to lecture me on Harmonics and Ellena treated my wounds.

We found three vessels to choose from:

1) The SS White Lightning, an old British dreadnought prototype steamship that sat far too low in the water and had strange engines.

2) SV Princess of Ys, a fine sailing vessel with a Fey captain that smelled of being a privateer.

3) SS Silver Bell – a sailing vessel with a steam engine badly bolted to it and an American quartermaster who hates me.

We chose the Princess of Ys and I was then the First Mate to Captain Caitlin Mac Uisdein.  Two days later, we set sail and this time I tried the magic of True Bearing.  As befits a fey ship, my magic succeeded but went wild and Ellena told me the ship and I glowed to the Fey.  But, I could FEEL my bearing in my bones.  We would arrive and I would be the reason why.

We hit a storm that smelled of the Sea Witch and I took the helm to get us through.  Then we encountered the Flambeau signaling in navigation distress and passed them by as they were in no imminent danger.  Rho found a flag with an hourglass, yellow and black hand and I knew this was also a pirate ship.  I had guessed when the captain mentioned needing a vote for our journey but it was such a fine sailing vessel.

It was then that storms struck again and the Sea Witch actually appeared on our decks!  The Sea Witch, the Autumn Queen, the Overseer called me "Son of Adam" and demanded the Key to Ys.  I remembered then that the first time she said: "I am asking you again for the key, Son of Adam!"  As if THIS was the first time we met and the first time was our second.  Very strange.  Our captain stood against her and was torn to pieces before me.  I was now captain and my ship was in peril.  I stood to face her and punched her with my iron knuckle duster with all the force in my body (29 Clubs).  She screamed in pain and disappeared from our decks.  All was quiet for a moment.

Then the crew began shouting and took me on their shoulders and fed me rum over and over until I was drunker than I ever remember being.  Despite that, I still KNEW the course and navigated us drunk to that tropical island with the bluish glow.

I could tell you of feathered Wolkri with silver guns shooting at strange feathered lizards, but that is another story.





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