Former Second Mate Owen Daniels

Surviving Second Mate on whaling ship Davies, seen as a Jonah


Courage – Great (8) – ♣
Helmsmanship – Great (8) – ♦
Physique – Good (6) – ♣
Fisticuffs – Good (6) – ♣
Athletics – Good (6) – ♣
Sorcery – Good (Cantrips, Order of Prospero – Steerman’s Compass ) (6) – ♦
Riding – Poor (2) – ♣
Gambling – Poor (2) – ♦
Connections – Good – ♠ (Grace of Princess Pauline)
Craftsmanship – Good – ♦ (Scrimshaw)

Languages: English, French (Wolkri accented)

Working to improve: Courage, Helmsmanship, French, Sorcery (Needs all books of Order of Prospero first.



My name is Owen Daniels from New Bedford in Massachusetts and I was once Second Mate on the whaling vessel Davies, which was actually my sixth whaling voyage but my first as an officer on that ship. (I had managed to become a pretty good helmsman in my journeys, even avoiding the CSS Alabama once during the war.) We were headed for the Pacific from New Bedford but had not even left the Atlantic when the terrible events occurred. While I remember much, I am reticent to talk much of what I call The Sea Witch, her vessel or the terrible things that happened. Suffice it to say that by the time another ship found us, half the crew were missing or dead and the rest mostly mad. I think I managed to stay sane and alive with a prayer or two my mother tried to teach me but I had to change them. I saved the old cook and a cabin boy and was still manning the wheel with an old pistol and iron knuckle duster when they finally pulled along side with a boat. My reputation after that was not good but went over the side after I shipped aboard the old paddle side wheel steamer, The Clark. She was heading for London from New York when the Sea Witch found us along with Honest to God pirates and I took the helm again. In this hour of needing help, we were actually aided by the Royal Navy in the from of the steam-screw frigate HMS Endymion. It was there that I met both CDR Fenton Harbinger and a strange creature called Ellena. He was and is a Royal Navy officer and she some sort of European faerie that maintains ships and dislikes iron. Since two ships I have been on have been attacked, no American crew or a number of others will touch me and I had to beg my way Europe by way of that same Royal Navy that wanted my services. Their Naval Intelligence services now know I am a man who can helm a ship in haunted waters. Finding work is rare and hard so finding a fortune seems unlikely but I must keep trying.

In appearance, I am tall and well built with grey eyes and, sadly, grey hair ahead of my years. I have learned to keep it close cropped and wear a cap most of the time along with a sailor’s coat and breeches. I do try to wear good shirts and scarves as I can. Despite for my desire for company, many find me to have a haunted look and horses and similar beasts are skittish around me. (Looks like Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.)

I was born the third son of a family of four with two brothers and a sister. My father was a ship builder and former sailor, who saw that I was raised on the Bible and the Bowditich, met my mother at sea and managed to find a way to bring her home. Mother was always a bit different and seemed very unhappy with my sister, who never seemed able to please her. Instead, she doted oddly on me and showed me odd things from time to time, including a symbol made with two bent nails and a pair of special prayers that I could not quite get the hang of until the day I faced the Sea Witch. I have wondered about my mother since and the place she came from. When I was of age, I decided to take up whaling as a start and she was most unhappy but reminded me of the nails and a few other things while father gave me an old pistol to take with me. I learned fast at sea and was granted a bigger lay on the second voyage and was taken as second mate on my last. It was this last and darkest trip that had barely started when the Sea Witch arrived. I have never truly seen her but I know in my bones she exists and sees me as the “fish who got away”. She is why I find myself away from my country and the seas I know best. Perhaps someday I can drive her back and return home but the Sea Witch of the Atlantic is a terrible foe and much beyond my ken for now.

My Virtues are likely my steadfast nature but it can be a Vice at times. In addition, I favor strong drink and sometimes gambling, at which I am terrible, and the company of women in great measure. I keep an iron knuckle duster, a Model 1842 Naval pistol and a necklace with a two nail charm near me, some poems and prayers my mother gave me, as I did on the Davies and a bottle of strong liquor as well. Oh, and it goes almost without saying: a compass, sextant and The Bowditch. I have learned much in life of some things. Few can helm a vessel as I can, for I am great in my knowledge of such things and no man would wisely question my courage or skills with my fists. I learned a bit of French from a sailor on a voyage and can read know of the current sciences and history, at least what a sailing man should know.

My goals in life are to one day be such a peerless sailor that I can face the Sea Witch, be seen for the good man I am and no longer a Jonah. Perhaps I can meet a lady I can someday take to meet my family and even travel the Atlantic in peace or even sail into a place no one else ever has. For now, I wait in Paris for the next job I can find, spending time in taverns with sailors and looking for log books and sailing histories. I am hopeful to learn a bit about this Inner Sea they have here and try sailing that for a bit.


First time on a whaleboat
“A Dead Whale or a Stove Boat”
Hunting his first whale as a harpooner
Outrunning the CSS Alabama
The Davies and the Sea Witch (He has to be rather in his cups for that)
The loss of the Pioneer (In 1866, the first American steam whaler sailed from New London. This ship, the Pioneer, was destined to meet a frigid fate. She died in the ice of Davis Strait between Greenland and Baffin Island in 1867.)


By the Bible and the Bowditch
By the Bennett and the Beale
By the heart of a Whale man
With God as my Witness

Show me the Storm (Sense Magick) OR Protect me from the Storm (Resistance to Sorcery) OR Show me the Fog (Sense Illusion) OR Give me a True Bearing



Fenton Harbinger
Commander Harbinger was an officer on the HMS Endymion. He has recently taken a diplomatic post in Paris and may have some sort of work for me.

A strange seagoing faerie also from the HMS Endymion. I don’t really understand her but I believe she can clean and maintain a ship when no one is watching. That could be of use on a schooner when no one will sail with me.

Princess Pauline Claudine von Metternich – Ambassadress from the Austrian Empire to the court of Napoleon III of France. I have been very lucky to have made a good impression and she chose me to lead an expedition.

Former Second Mate Owen Daniels

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