Welcome to Castle Falkenstein: Secrets of the Inner Sea!

This site is still under construction, so apologies and all that. Feel free to go to "Characters" on the bar to the left and build your Character.  That's the space where you should answer your diary questions and mark down your abilities.  As you continue onward, it will also be where you keep track of what abilities you're trying to improve and note your progress.  There's also space for things you want to share solely with the GMs.  You can even journal there if you wish to!  

I apologize in advance for the text editor, and really that's all I can say about that.


Oh, if you care about that sort of thing for consistency or whatever, here are the fonts I'm using:
Normal – Cardo
Headers - IM Fell Double Pica SC
Cursive – Meddon

You would probably find the Wiki useful: https://secretsoftheinnersea.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page



Secrets of the Inner Sea

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