Rho (Rhododendron)

Dwarven Gentleman adventurer and tinker


♣ Physique – Exceptional (10)
♦ Tinkering – Great (8)
♥ Courage – Good (6)
♦ Education – Good (6)
♦ Helmsman – Good (6)
♣ Marksmanship – Good (6)
♣ Fencing – Poor (2)
♦ Physician – Poor (2)
♣ Stealth – Poor (2)
♦ Sorcery – N/A

Native language – French
Italian, German, Latin

Dwarven Abilities:
Love of Metal: +2 levels to tinkering items out of metal, can smell metals up to 1000’ away.
Immune to fire
Resistant to magic



Rhododendron, or Rho as he prefers, is the second son of well-known winemaker Gale Vintermaster. Growing up in the family vineyards in Burgundy, Rho was encouraged to join in the family business. Until he attempted to ‘improve’ the grape crushing process – by speeding it up. Rho doesn’t really have the patience for winemaking or distilling. To this day he is not allowed in his father’s distillery (where their famous Obsidian brandy is made). He spent a good deal of time cleaning up after his ‘improvements’ – such as carrying materials in and out of town until he built a new carriage, repairing explosion damage to the winery, and repairing the neighbor’s barn after he launched a watermelon through it at high velocity. His mother, Lady Foxglove – a Lady of the Lake, somehow managed to teach this impatient dwarf the basics of etiquette and social graces.

Rho was sent off – first to boarding school in Bavaria, then to study under Master tinker Salvatore Rossi in Florence. While at boarding school he did well in his studies, but Rho’s attempts to build a Personal Rocket Pack launched him into a reclusive dragon’s castle. He managed to escape with little damage to his person, but the angry Dragon Lord Magni vowed to hunt Rho down for the damage to his home and privacy. Shortly after this incident, Rho left the boarding school. His father arranged for Rho to study with his old friend Master Rossi in Florence. He learned a great deal from someone who finally understood that things just explode sometimes.

Both his parents wished Rho took after his older brother Aster, the only one to inherit Gale’s abilities (and interest in) winemaking. His sister Lotus created her own water garden and spa in Nice, where the wealthy or well-connected can relax and “take the waters”. Rho built his Gyrosquid – A giant clockwork vehicle shaped like a squid that can fly or walk on land. He’s not exactly suited for practical pursuits, or his more practical family members. Heading off to seek adventure is really the most obvious solution, isn’t it?

Friends and Contacts

It’s nice to have a fae friend that Mother didn’t set him up with first. She is actually interested in hearing about his latest creation and is willing to follow him (at a safe distance) on his adventures! He admires her work ethic and repair abilities, but how does she resist the urge to improve the things she fixes?

Fleur Durand
They met when Fleur brought him an interesting tinkering problem – how to open a particularly clever lock. Rho is always interested in discussing tools and techniques with fellow tinkerers, so they occasionally discuss their current projects. He hasn’t specialized in a particular kind of tinkering, unlike Fleur’s focus on security.


Rho (Rhododendron)

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