Fleur Durand

Rogueish sorceress raised on the streets (and professionally in the sheets)


Fleur stands 5’6" and 130 pounds. She’s a bit curvy, with the hour glass figure many covet, but her face is simply plain, with overly large green eyes that are set too wide apart, and a small scar above the right corner of her upper lip. Her hair is dark brown, but has a tendency to frizz.

Great: Charisma, Perception

Good: Social Graces, Stealth, Tinkering, Sorcery

Poor: Helmsmanship, Motoring


Born to modest merchants in the south of Paris, Fleur was a precocious child who was always asking questions and interested in the world around her. She was orphaned at six when a fire broke out in the building that housed their flat. Terrified and on the streets, a well-intentioned stranger led her to the doorstep of a nearby church, where she was fed and housed, at the expense of being worked nearly to death, verbally abused, and harshly “educated” in the ways of the Lord, the monarchy, and the cruel world outside. Camaraderie was far from encouraged in the rectory, and Fleur often found herself yearning for companionship. Though there were many other abandoned youngsters, friendship was strictly discouraged, and her loneliness began to take a toll.

Three days before her 9th birthday, Fleur managed to sneak quietly into the kitchens in the dead of night. She stole as much food as she could carry, boldly walked through the sanctuary, and exited out the front doors, never thinking twice or looking back. Though small for her age and quite alone, Fleur possessed a charisma that was almost otherworldly – rather than begging on the street like so many of her peers, she earned her keep primarily in secrets. Neither fair nor foul looking, she had a knack for blending into odd corners and shadows, and people say ever so much when they think they’re alone. Her charm and tact ensured a payout: her silence for their silver. Combined with some ability to liberate objects from their owners, and basic lockpicking skills, Fleur lived better than most of her peers. The world kept turning until she was 15.

Madam Mimi Delecroix. The inscrutable brick wall who refused to pay, and owner of one of the most exclusive, grandest bordellos in City of Light. One of her girls lacked discretion, and Fleur thought she’d hit the motherlode, but Madam Mimi refused to pay a single penny. As Mimi looked her up and down Fleur felt her stomach drop and prepared to bolt back down the backstreets, but Mimi simply smiled and offered her a job. Coin, lodgings, and food in exchange running errands, serving tea at the Manor, and keeping her mouth shut – her days of extortion were over, unless specifically instructed by Mimi herself.

Fleur’s lessons immediately began, beginning with proper tea service and how to lay the table. Fleur was well dressed, polite, but always quiet. Her time spent in the shadows served her well, as she stayed in the background and out of the way, but from time to time one of the clients would kindly ask her a question. They found her abundant charm made up for her average looks, and they were soon asking for personal time with her. Madam Mimi refused to hide this from the girl, but rather empowered her with choice – if she wanted to begin entertaining, she would first be trained further in the finer things in life. Fleur stopped setting tables and started studying elocution, literature, languages, and other social niceties.

After a few grueling months, Madam Mimi presented Fleur in a huge ball with many guests who had never visited the house before. While it was strongly assumed Fleur would choose one of the gentleman already courting her, the first man who drew her eye after she was escorted in was Charles Bennett. An older gentleman of 45, he stood tall and proud near the back of the room. Throwing caution to the wind, Fleur approached him nearly directly, enraging many of the guests. After an evening of dining and dancing, with the enraged gentlemen suitably distracted by other girls in Madam Mimi’s employ, Charles and Fleur retired to the suite prepared for her introduction to womanhood.

When all was said and done, Charles held her close and kissed her hair, murmuring “That felt…almost magical. Actually no, I take it back. It was magical. That’s odd.” After a moment’s pause, he finished his thought. “My darling, were you aware you have magical powers?” Fleur’s head popped up, her hair tousled, her face flushed, and now her eyes wide as she shook her head. Charles chuckled and tucked her close again. “We’ll just have to work on that then, won’t we?”

No one was surprised when mere days later Fleur moved into Charles’ home. Madam Mimi had been paid an astronomical sum, but was also quite pleased to see her protege flourish. Fleur made sure to drop by the Manor often, to visit with Mimi, make suggestions on training for other girls, and to partake in tea and gossip. But mostly, she was studying.

Fleur Durand

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