Fey Steward / Physician

Name Suit Rating Bonus
Athletics ♣ Clubs ♣ Average 4
Charisma ♥ Hearts ♥ Average 4
Comeliness ♥ Hearts ♥ Average 4
Connections ♠ Spades ♠ Average 4
Courage ♥ Hearts ♥ Average 4
Craftsmanship ♦ Diamonds ♦ GOOD 6
Education ♦ Diamonds ♦ GOOD 6
Etherealness ♣ Clubs ♣ GREAT 8
Exchequer ♠ Spades ♠ Average 4
Fencing ♣ Clubs ♣ poor 2
Fisticuffs ♣ Clubs ♣ Average 4
Gambling ♦ Diamonds ♦ Average 4
Glamour ♦ Diamonds ♦ Average 4
Helmsmanship ♦ Diamonds ♦ GOOD 6
Kindred Powers [Great Work] ♥ Hearts ♥ GREAT 8
Marksmanship ♣ Clubs ♣ poor 2
Motoring ♣ Clubs ♣ poor 2
Perception ♦ Diamonds ♦ GOOD 6
Performance ♥ Hearts ♥ Average 4
Physician ♦ Diamonds ♦ GREAT 8
Physique ♣ Clubs ♣ Average 4
Riding ♣ Clubs ♣ Average 4
Shapeshifting ♣ Clubs ♣ EXCEPTIONAL 10
Social Graces ♠ Spades ♠ poor 2
Stealth ♣ Clubs ♣ Average 4
Tinkering ♦ Diamonds ♦ poor 2


  • English
  • French
  • Latin
  • Spanish

Ellena is a Seelie Hob Brownie, a 9" tall Faerie workaholic. She is fascinated by both technology and the sea, although she has significantly more skills involving the latter than the former. She has a fondness for cats, and often adopts feline forms when not working in her natural form or using a human form to simplify social interaction. In all forms, Ellena prefers plain clothes in drab colors and has the simple lifestyle common to most Brownies.

She was born fairly soon after the Fey arrived in this world, and has considered Western Europe to be her home for about as long as humans have been there. Despite this, her interests in technology and the sea have driven her occasion to travel the world, sometimes away from “home” for a decade or more. She occasionally runs into relatives: Her mother has been firmly nomadic for as long as she can remember, and joined many of the prehistoric migrations. Ellena was raised by her father, who was much more sedentary, but favored places with a view of the ocean. Occasionally the town he lived in would be abandoned for one reason or another, and he would simply walk the coast until he found another settlement. He has been in Calais since the mid-tenth century.

When aboard ship, Ellena mixes the roles of Klaboutermanniken and Hob, being more inclined to live inside the ship proper than in the figurehead – perhaps under a human’s bed or in a spare foot locker. She will similarly prefer cleaning and caring for the interior of the ship, the galley, and the decks; she is not as eager to repair sails and rigging as her naturally sea-faring kin, although she will attend to such tasks if they are needed or if the ship’s interior doesn’t require enough work to satisfy her.

On land, Ellena prefers to help those who are overwhelmed by everyday life: orphans and those wrestling with poverty and homelessness. She will occasionally adopt a family with greater means, but usually does so as part of an explicit barter: In exchange for her services, she asks her hosts to provide not only her own room & board, but also some specific benefit to a nearby family.

She tends to overlook or misunderstand the fine points of both fey and mortal societies.

Friends & Contacts

Owen Daniels

She met 3rd mate Daniels aboard the steam-screw frigate HMS Endymion. Daniels has had some difficult experiences with the supernatural, and this has motivated him to keep an iron cudgel at the ready. Ellena thought he was a solid, reliable member of the ship’s crew, and although she’s nervous around the iron, she mostly trusts him.

Fleur Durand

Fleur runs a Paris orphanage, and Ellena decided a few years ago to help for a while.

Fenton Harbinger

Commander Harbinger is another friend of Ellena’s from the HMS Endymion. She has recently returned from her most recent voyage with the Endymion and is nominally attached to Harbinger – for the moment. Although she wishes him no ill, she’s hoping to find a position which has greater need for her services.


Rho has been a friend of Ellena’s for a couple decades. She finds his tinkering (and love of adventure) entertaining and fun. She doesn’t entirely trust his judgment, but she’s always happy to spend time with him.

Noemie Villaneuve

Noemie and Ellena have crossed paths several times over the last few decades. Noemie’s father approached the brownie hoping that she could teach her sorcery. Ellena went along with the hopeless endeavor mainly because she could see the young human girl needed a friend, someone independent of her family. The hob helped the young mistress Villaneuve get set up when she first ran away from home. They’ve met a few times since, with Noemie occasionally experimenting with new guises. Ellena mostly treats these facades as “playing dress-up”. She knows it’s more serious than that, but it’s how Noemie gets by in the world… and it’s not much different from the glamours and shapeshifting which the fey do constantly.


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